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Historic Note - Week of October 22nd

The Anaconda Standard, October 25, 1898

Jack Dearie, the well known guide, was in the city on Friday and brought with him a small box of the remains of grasshoppers. He said he got this pulverized grasshopper off a large glacier northeast of Cook[e] City, where there are tons and tons of it in the crevasses. The only suggestion offered to this peculiar incident is that the grasshoppers must have been flying over in countless myriads and were overtaken by night and stopped to take a rest and froze to the surface of the glacier. Another remarkable thing about this glacier is that there is an immense rock upon its bosom, having presumably fallen from the top of the large mountain close by, and carried some distance by the action of the glacier, moving down its sides, until now it is quite a distance from its parent mountain.

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