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​Silver Gate

The history of Silver Gate is wholly unique from its Cooke City counterpart which had been built upon the mining industry. Silver Gate in contrast developed with a vision to create a tourist’s paradise embedded in the splendors of nature. Beginning in about 1930 the Silver Gate Company owned the land platted for a small township between the Northeast Gate and Cooke City. Parcels of the land were eventually sold to early entrepreneurs who built rustic cabins in hopes that people would come. By the end of the decade the vision had become a success as a number of lodges, gas stations and restaurants catered to every visitors needs. In 1939 the annual Montana Post Master’s Convention was held in Silver Gate with the Post Master General of the United States, Mr. James Farley in attendance. It was a huge hit and the little town was officially put on the map. Today little has changed in Silver Gate, known to many as the log village.

Drawings by Kelly Hartman

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