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The Cooke City School District #9 is first found on record in 1897 with an attendance of 25 students, one of the oldest in Park County. Since then children have attended school in two different buildings, both repurposed from their previous functions. Living in the wilderness of the area lent itself well to the child of adventure and outdoor play, but also made it difficult to attend school. Transportation came in many forms including skis, horses, and snowmobiles. For those too old for the school (usually only K-8) decisions had to be made for them to attend high-school. Options included a school bus from Cooke City to Gardiner, boarding them out to people living in Gardiner or Cody, or the family renting a place in town during the school year. Whatever the choice, those growing up in the region no doubt had a unique childhood.

Drawings by Kelly Hartman

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