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Historic Note - Week of August 27th

The Anaconda Standard, August 31, 1894

Cooke City Chat

Special Correspondence of the Standard

COOKE CITY, Aug. 26.—What might have been a fatal accident occurred at the Fisher mine yesterday. George Fisher, while crosscutting for new leads, had neglected to timber sufficiently and while he was at work in the tunnel a large body of earth and rock fell in upon him, burying him in the debris and stunning him. When extricated it was found a badly bruised side and arm with dislocated shoulder was the extent of his injuries, but it was a miraculous escape.

S.B. Wyman had the misfortune to catch his finder in the hay rack between the rack and wheel and before he could get it out the end of his finger was badly ground off. It will lay the major up for a days.

At the republican primary held here Saturday last Messrs. Curl, Mofton and Beller where elected delegates to attend the convention at Livingston next week.

Mrs. Jobb returned from her visit to Bozeman last night.

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