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Historic Note - Week of August 13th

The Anaconda Standard, August 17, 1892


Activity in Cooke—Cyanide Process—Boulder Camp

From the Montana Mining Review

Parties who own mines in Cooke City are just now very much interested in the new cyanide process, which is soon to be tried in that camp. A company had been formed for the purpose of putting in the mill, and men are already at work building roads and getting out timber for that purpose. The company has leased the Alice E. and other valuable properties and we understand it is also their intention to do custom work.

The Enterprise mine in Cooke, owned by C.H. Anderson. Is now working two shifts and rapidly taking out ore. It is a highly argentiferous galena ore and the Enterprise seems likely to prove one of the richest mines in Cooke City.

The owners of the Moulton, five miles from Cooke, began work last week. They have pumped the water from the shaft and expect soon to begin shipping ore. This ore is also galena, carrying about 400 ounces of silver to the ton…Altogether Park county will produce more of the precious metals in 1892 than she has ever produced since the county was organized.

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