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Historic Note - Week of April 30th

The Philipsburg Mail, May 2, 1889

Cooke City Notes

J.F. Fox, of Granite, returned from a pleasant trip to the National Park and that great future city Cooke—relates some interesting stories in the mining and local world from that section:

Snow is not now to be seen in the park. One day last week I ran across one of the largest herds of elk ever known to the pioneer of the west. I did not attempt to count over 5,000, for I was on my way to Cooke. There I found the camp booming, as it were: real estate on the advance and many old-timers returning to the prospects. During my stay I visited several mineral lodes, the Morning Star, Wisconsin and the Elkhorn, all situated on Henderson Mountain, about a mile from the city in a northeasterly direction. The Alice E is a gold-bearing quartz claim, with a 300-foot tunnel, and shafts in opposite directions, varying in depth from 100 to 200 feet. This property was purchased last fall by the Blackheart Bros. for a consideration of $27,500, who will immediately proceed to erect a mill, when better profits may be realized. The remaining lodes are excellent properties and together with a host of undeveloped claims Cooke City may yet, if not soon, lift her lofty head in praise of future greatness and metropolitan renown. Truthfully Yours, J.F. Fox

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