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Historic Note - Week of April 23rd

The River Press, April 26, 1882

There is considerable excitement and talk, especially East of here, regarding the Clark’s Fork mines, and it is not improbable that a stampede of considerable proportions may take place towards that camp in a short time. In our opinion there is no doubt as to the richness of the mines there, but people should remember that the discoveries so far are at the very high altitudes; that snow is encountered not only at the mines, but on the way there, until late in the spring; that there is no wagon road to the mines, and that there are neither provisions nor tools for sale in the camp. Until a road shall be constructed all supplies must be packed in, and this cannot be done much, if any, before the first of June. Persons going there must provide themselves with pack animals with which to take their supplies, or they cannot reasonably expect to accomplish anything. Located as they are the development of the mines, no matter how rich they may be, will require considerable time and capital. – Bozeman Courier

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