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Historic Note - Week of March 19th

The Yellowstone Journal, March 23, 1894

Howell’s Bad Fix

Ed Howell, the man who was surprised in the National park by a photographing party while surrounded by the carcasses of a dozen or more of the almost tame buffaloes that live in the park, is tolerably well known in this section. He spent several days in this city two years ago this spring, with Charley Anderson, and being a crack shot engaged in some trap and target matches with some local experts. We notice that some of the papers are trying to make it appear that Howell’s bad break is a crazy act of retaliation against the national government for the injustice done to Cooke City by Congress in failing to pass the segregation bill or in some other way afford a chance to develop the Cooke City mines, but those who know something of the history of Cooke City and Ed Howell are not surprised at the recent disclosure and intimate that the crack of his rifle has been no uncommon sound in the great national game preserve for some years past. Be that as it may, the people would forgive almost any trespass but the one Ed stands accused of—the killing of some of the last wild buffalo upon the face of the earth—and it is pretty sure to go hard with him.

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