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Historic Note - Week of January 1

The Helena Independent, January 5, 1892

Pamphlets entitled “Cooke City & Montana Mineral Railway Transportation Company” have recently been extensively circulated. The pamphlet contains a statement that at a meeting of citizens and mine owners at Cooke City on July 23, 1891, resolutions were adopted favoring the plans of the company. The last issue of the Livingston Enterprise contains a card signed by forty-one citizens of Cooke city denying that any mass meeting endorsing the company was held, and adding:

“We further declare that we and a large majority of the people of Cooke City are in favor of what is known as the segregation of that portion of the National park which is north of the Yellowstone river and Soda Butte creek

“We further declare that in the event that congress is not disposed to make the segregation above suggested, then we respectfully ask that congress grant a right of way up the Yellowstone river to the mouth of the east fork thereof, thence up the said east fork to the mouth of Soda Butte creek, thence up Soda Butte creek to Cooke city, to that railroad company which will construct said railroad at the earliest possible time, giving suitable guarantees therefor.”

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