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Historical Note - Week of July 10th

The New Northwest, July 16, 1880

A party of Philadelphia capitalists, consisting of J. M. Butler, S.W. Pettel, W. Frederick Snyder, E.G. Ettonhead, J.Cook, Jr., and G.E. marshall, arrived in town (Bozeman) Saturday. They come here for the purpose of visiting Southeastern Montana, but especially the Clark’s Fork mines. (Notice the emphasis on Jay Cooke, Jr.!)

Museum events:

Joe's Campfire Thursday, July 14th: Bill Rossiter "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" a look at the Depression through songs and stories. A Humanities Montana sponsored event. Backyard Museum, 6:00pm.

"He Might Strike it Still" Exhibit reception and 2 year anniversary event. July 19th, 2:00pm. Pick up your copy of the Museum's new annual newsletter to read about the life of Anastazie and Anton Zucker, featured in our newest exhibit. Also available here: 2016 Museum Newsletter

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