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Historical Post - Week of May 1st

The Anaconda Standard, May 7, 1894


Special Correspondence of the Standard

COOK CITY, April 30.— A.T. French, superintendent of Cooke City mail line, will inspect the entire route the coming week and decide on the possibility of putting on buckboards from Soda Butte to Cooke in the near future.

Frank Beller of Red Lodge is rounding up his horses preparatory to coming to Cooke for the summer.

Messrs. Guest & Frederick have completed their work on the Alice E. tunnel, and it is now closed awaiting further orders. All other work is being pushed so as to be in readiness for the new dryer which will come in on the first freight.

Tommy Henspalmar, one of Cooke’s mine owners, has taken up a ranch on the ceded portion of the reservation and will divide his time now between ranching and mining.

Mail Carrier Sam Frazee reports bear out in goodly numbers, which is some two weeks earlier than last year. Lynx are also numerous along the mail route that Sam travels, but the animals will go unharmed.

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