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Historical Post - Week of April 17th

The Anaconda Standard, April 23, 1894


Special Correspondence of the Standard

COOK CITY, April 18.—To-day’s mail came in with only papers in the sack, and all who were expecting letters are obliged to wait for Thursday’s mail. This delaying of letters on the route is, to say the least, very annoying and causes much dissatisfaction.

The reports from all the surrounding ranch country bring the same news of great loss of range cattle, the past few weeks being very bad for them.

W.A. Fagan went out to Pleasant Valley yesterday and will look after his horses through the remaining bad spring weather.

Reports from the stage drivers are that bears have been seen already on the Big Specimen. This is an early appearance for bruin.

Buckboards are running once more from the Mammoth Hot Springs to Soda Butte. The road is clear earlier than usual, despite the heavy body of snow.

Freight for the Cyanide Mill company started from Gardiner on the 15th, but will be unable to reach Cooke for three or four weeks yet.

John Guest and wife are rejoicing over the birth of a son.

David Noble and wife, who have been spending the winter in Livingston, have gone to Minneapolis for a few weeks, when they will return to Cooke. Mr. Noble represents one of the largest companies of St. Paul, and spends several months here each year looking after their Cooke property.

The camp’s water supply is getting low, but the trouble is not apt to last long with such a body of snow melting day by day.

The Cyanide Mill company are making preparations to be able to use either wet or dry process with their ore this year.

The drum house belonging to the Cyanide company gave away under the heavy weight of snow and will have to be rebuilt.

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