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Historical Note - Week of March 20th

The Livingston Enterprise, March 26, 1892

St. Patrick’s Day at Cooke.

W.J. Vinnedge gave a bean bay [bag?] party in the evening at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The following officers were duly installed by Mrs. Zona Curl and Alice Vinnedge: Mrs. Mary B. Clark and Samuel S. Mathers, captains; Mrs. A.P. Vinnedge, secretary; Mr. Thomas Harden, umpire, and Master Web Vinnedge, page. After a long and exciting contest the Mathers side won the capital prize, Mrs. Hattie Graves the ladies’ first prize, Mrs. Mary Ennis the ladies’ booby prize, Mr. D.W. Stewart the gents’ first prize and James Bateman the gents’ booby prize. The prizes were presented to the winning parties by W.E. Nichols (Willie, we miss you), accompanied by a short and witty speech. Next came luncheon, and James Ennis said that was the nest part of the evening. After luncheon Mrs. Mary B. Clark was voted the most popular lady in Cooke, Mrs. E.C. Kersey the most beautiful lady and Mr. H.S. Double the prettiest gentleman. John P. Allen was put up for the most popular man in Cooke. The ticket was John P. Allen and field. After five successive ballots (four of which being ties), the field came out one ahead. Allen now says popularity don’t amount to much, any way, and besides is a very poor paying office. The following is a list of the guests present: John P. Allen, L.P. Burton, H.A. Ornsbee, Mr. and Mrs. Harden, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Kersey, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Curl, W.E. Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. James Graves, Alex Borden, Robert Mandeville, H.S. Double, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Blackhart, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Church, Mr. and Mrs. James Ennis, Mrs. A.P. Vinnedge, Master Webb and Miss Alice Vinnedge, Samuel Frazee, Arlington Gill, Mrs. Mary B. Clark, Samuel S. Mathers, A.R. Hague, Frank Mather, D.G. Stewart, Thomas Robbins, J.B. Brown, James Bateman, Master John and Miss Amelia Kersey and Miss Stella Ennis.


Nels Soderholm photo of the Cosmopolitan Hotel and main street Cooke City - circa 1920

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