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Historical Note - Week of December 6th

The Livingston Enterprise, December 6, 1884

Courier: Joe Keeney, who was down from Cinnabar last week, informed us that a party recently made arrangements with him for 1,000 pounds of fresh meat, five men and nine horses, evidently with the intention of going out on some kind of a survey. It has not been positively ascertained, but the probabilities are that a preliminary survey has been ordered for an extension of the Park branch railroad from Cinnabar to Cooke. The “right of way” seems to be the only hitch in the proposed enterprise; and, so far as we can see, this is a mere question of time. The proposed extension will in no way interfere with the rights or desirable privileges of the Yellowstone National Park, and we can see no reason why the “right of way” should not at once be accorded to the company that desires to avail itself of it. Let us have a direct railroad from Livingston to Cooke City, if there is anything in the recent developments and nature of things that will justify such an expenditure.

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