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Historical Note - Week of October 4th

Fergus County Argus, October 8, 1891

A strong effort will be made to secure from the next congress the right of way for a railroad through the National Park to Cook City. A company has been formed under the name of Montana Mineral Railway Transportation company, with that object in view. The citizens and mine owners of Cook City, who are chiefly interested have issued a pamphlet of eighty-three pages giving good and sufficient reasons why the road should be built. Testimony as to the value of the mines are given with affidavits from responsible parties, while the claim that a road would in any way interfere with game or detract from the interest of the park region is shown to be groundless. A map of the New World mining district, showing the location of 300 claims, which is only a third of the locations recorded, accompanies the pamphlet. This is probably one of the richest mining regions in Montana, and only lacks railroad facilities to add its output of gold and silver to the wealth of the state and nation, besides enabling the prospector to realize something for his toil and years of waiting. We can see no just or valid reason why a permit should not be given by the government for the proposed road.

[If anyone happens to have a copy of this pamphlet we are dying to see one!]

1908 New World Mining District Map

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