Historical Note - Week of August 16th

Fallon County Times, August 16, 1934


Yellowstone park and Silver Gate

Mr. Vincelette, who is also postmaster now, is putting up a two story log lodge and has more tourist trade than he can take care of at present.

The six cabins he has completed are filled all the time and ten to fifteen cars have to be turned away daily.

Silver Gate is the fisherman’s paradise, says Lloyd Owen, who is an expert on such matters. That part of the country lies between two sheer mountain walls and abounds with small lakes heavily stocked with the nicest kind of fish. The scenery is finer by far than any encountered in the park and Silver gate offers headquarters not to be rivaled. From there one can go 35 or 40 miles in any direction and for days explore new fascinating country.

A sheepherder tipped Lloyd off to a small lake nestled 10,000 feet above sea level which he found just swarming with big trout.

He made a raft and the family had some good times rowing around on one of the lakes and seven year old Elva Jane was her dad’s right hand helper hauling in the fish.

Every one who has been at Silver Gate exhausts his or her vocabulary in describing the place and says it will be the most popular vacation resort when the new highway leading through to the park is completed. Hay fever disappears over night and other worries and cares do likewise.

Vincelette Lodge circa 1930s (photo courtesy Kathleen Mahnke)

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