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Historical Note - Week of June 21st

The River Press, June 25, 1884

The new banking house at Cooke city was opened one evening last week with a dance, which was broken up by a general fight growing out of some trifling matter. When the fight was ended the sheriff had one prisoner and ten revolvers, but several individuals, including the deputy sheriff, were next day arrested and fined.

Cookbook information:

(Previously posted March 31, 2015)

This winter I spent a good amount of time compiling newspaper articles that related to the area and entering them into a database I created that so far has come to 2,458 entries. This is the source from which I find the weekly history posts and will be a huge influence in the historical cookbook. I approached the board and we together have decided to move the book in a new and exciting direction, one that will better interpret the history of the area and make the final product a successful fundraising endeavor. This change has led to a positive setback of one year for the release of the book. “Positive” because the result will be even greater than we had dreamed at the start. This book is much more than a fundraiser, it is the representation of the Museum itself.

If you have photos, recipes or history that you would like to share please contact the Museum!!! We are still taking information!!!

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