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Historical Notes - Week of December 28th

The River Press, January 16, 1884

A Cooke City correspondent of the Billings Herald says: “As the last day of the year verged into the first of January, 1884, lights were seen in all directions, and men on snow shoes were busily jumping and re-locating claims, especially on Henderson Mountain. Now that the work of jumping is over, the principal topic of conversation is as to what claims were or were not properly represented in 1883. Some say that Major Pease will lose the Josephine lead on account of only fifteen days, work having been done. Whether this is correct or not I don’t know, but there is no doubt that the camp will prove a mine of wealth for the lawyers this year. The Homestake will change hands at $100,000 in a short time.”

Certificate Side A.jpg

"The Last Chance" Mining claim dated January 1st, 1916, owned by Carrie M. Allen.

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