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Annual Council Newsletter

Year End Museum Update


By Kelly Hartman, Museum Director,


What a year it has been for the Cooke City Montana Museum! With its doors officially open, the Museum has already begun to grow and change as those who have connections to the history step forward with their part of the story which will be incorporated into all aspects of the Museum. This winter I will be working on three exhibits, Colter Pass, The Beartooth and Silver Gate as well as updating the information on the touch screens to reflect the “new” history I have discovered. All of the artifacts in the Museum will be properly labeled and photographed to ensure that they can be identified for years to come. There is also a cookbook in the works that will tell about the history of the area through newspaper articles, photographs, historic notes, family histories and of course recipes. This book will be available summer 2015. AND as a personal project, I will be painting a body of work using the Museum’s collection of wonderful artifacts as my subject. This show will be on display summer 2015 for a month or so before the paintings are sold and auctioned off, all proceeds benefiting the Museum. Keep an eye out for additional information concerning the cookbook and the art sale on our website: I am excited to have another year here as your Director!

Since this was written, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner: And I have been confirmed as a speaker at the 2015 Museum's Association of Montana Conference where I will be presenting my work on the cookbook!

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