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September Snow

"On the following day I left for the New World District, where I arrived in good time. During my stay in the camp, I recorded several claims...This time I remained but a few days as winter had already set in in the shape of a 4 inch snow, with a very fair prospect of being several feet in a short time, & this on the 12th day of August, 1872"

-A. B. Henderson, Journal of Various Prosecting Trips, Stampedes, and [etc.] During the years 1871 and 1872.

The New World Mining District is situated at elevations of 8,600 to 10,200 feet where one rarely sees more then 30 frost free nights. Not all historic mining was seasonal and many worked year round at thier claims. Today the area received a dusting, a bit of a reminder to the townsfolk to enjoy the good weather as it comes because it won't be long until we are buried in snow.

snow on the cam shaft.jpg
snow on miner.jpg
Snow on flowers and artifacts.jpg
miners cabin snow bw.jpg

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