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New Exhibits!

This week the Museum would like to announce the completion of four of its exhibits and thank those who worked so hard to accomplish this task.

Mirror tiles have been added to the Colter Pass and Silver Gate replica exhibits in order to allow viewing of the details on the back of the miniature buildings. We have Precision Scale Models out of Washington to thank for their brilliant and accurate handiwork on those buildings. Both exhibits are now encased in protective plexi-glass to ensure that they will remain in excellent condition for years to come thanks to Plastics Unlimited out of Billings and Jeff Menuey (installation).

Jeff also built a beautiful stand for our revolving exhibit display which is now complete as well.

And finally the original Cooke City jail door is now installed upright in our backyard museum thanks to Page Lutes of Bozeman and Jeff Ohlinger.

Drop by to view these new additions to the museum as well as a few new artifacts recently acquired like a Cooke City Smelter sign from 1910 and the original jail door key. Thanks to all of the donors and grants that have made this museum possible!

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